Our History



From Humble Beginnings

Caked Up Cafe began with one woman who had a small bakery and big dreams. Those dreams became reality and now everyone’s buzzing about Caked Up Cafe.


So what’s our secret?

Our secret is simple.

We don’t believe in compromises, so why should you? And that’s why we’ve focused on creating the best tasting treats using nothing but all-natural ingredients.  Whether it’s a cupcake, wedding cake, or parfait – we see each creation as more than just a mouth-watering treat for your tastebuds; we see it as a work of art.

Which is why we focus on every detail and only use the finest quality ingredients. So what does that mean for you? Well that means there are no artificial flavors, fillers, or coloring – Just amazing treats made from the best ingredients on earth.


Why choose Caked Up Cafe

Best Service

At Caked Up Cafe, we love our guests. Which is why we are dedicated to provide the best experience and service possible.

Simply Irresistible

We’re convinced that you will fall in love with our tasty treats. Each one of our desserts has been hand-crafted with love and tastes out of this world.

All Natural Ingredients

We create everything from scratch and don’t use any artificial ingredients, fillers, or flavoring.